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Duration: 4 mins 32 secs
Jesus Paid It All - Instrumental hymn arrangement by Carlene Rodgers #instrumental #piano #hymn #jesuspaiditall #ihearthesaviorsay
Duration: 4 mins 49 secs
It Is Well With My Soul - Instrumental hymn arrangement by Carlene Rodgers
Duration: 8 mins 14 secs
BEAUTIFUL. INSPIRING. POWERFUL. JESUS IS RISEN! The Gospel according to Isaiah 52:13 - 15; 53:1 - 12 scripture song word for word King James Version. Jesus is risen and changing lives. Music composed and sung by Carlene Rodgers of Pathway to Peace Ministries. Elijah Rodgers, backup vocals. Visit for more information
Duration: 2 mins 49 secs
This Psalm 23 song is dedicated to families, parents, and our nation who have lost babies and children to recent tragedy. Sung by a seven year old. Our nation and world has experienced much tragedy in the past few months. Our children are getting caught in the cross fire of a wicked world. This was never God design from the beginning. Jesus feels your pain. Be comforted with this scripture this song sung taken from Psalm 23 verbatim KJV Bible. Be blessed. A may God comfort you, your family, community, and our country.
Duration: 4 mins 44 secs
Beautiful presentation of the classic hymn the "Old Rugged Cross" sung by Carlene Moody. Be blessed. For more classic hymns by Carlene Moody go to This classic hymns project presents Steps to Christ in song. These classic hymns are music to the soul. #oldruggedcross #classichymn
Duration: 4 mins 12 secs
"Marred No More" Written by Elene Rodgers. Music arranged and sung by Carlene Rodgers. Powerful message in song. Copyright 2016. By Pathway to Peace Ministries. #potter #Jesus #restored #planofsalvation
Duration: 6 mins 47 secs
The Creation Song "Lord Create Within Me a Clean heart" - Written by: Elene Rodgers. Arranged and sung by Carlene Rodgers. Copyright 2016. Learn the creation days in order in song. Powerful and fun for the whole family!
Duration: 2 mins 33 secs
Jesus Loves Me - Classic. Harp solo and arrangement by Carlene Rodgers and child's voice - Nehemiah Rodgers (7).
Duration: 2 mins 39 secs
I'd Rather Have Jesus - piano solo and arrangement by Carlene Rodgers.
Duration: 4 mins 41 secs
What a Friend We Have In Jesus - Piano solo hymn and arrangement by Carlene Rodgers.